spacebot - A Slack Bot for exploring NASA images

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After installing spacebot there are several commands spacebot understands. Check back as more commands will be added, or run /spacebot help within slack.

/spacebot help

Display the help and usage information


The Astronomy Picture of the Day is one of NASA's most popular websites. Each day a different image highlighting our universe with a brief description will be featured.

/spacebot apod

Display today's APOD image

/spacebot apod random

Display a random APOD image from anytime

/spacebot apod date

Display the APOD image for the given date. The format for date is YYYY-MM-DD

Mars Rovers Photos

The rovers sub-command returns data and images from the three recent Mars Exploration Rovers (MER). Spirit and Opportunity were launched in mid 2003 as a pair to explore opposite sides of Mars. Curiosity is a more recent rover launched in 2011.

/spacebot rovers help

Display the rovers sub-command help

/spacebot rovers info

Display information about the three rovers with links for even more information.

/spacebot rovers cameras list

Display the list of onboard cameras. Theses can be used to filter the images. You can also use a value of 'all' to get images from all cameras.

/spacebot rovers photos

This will display the most recent images from the 'Curiosity' Mars rover. It will include a mix of photos from all available cameras.

/spacebot rovers photos name camera date

Display a list of images from the given rover/camera/date combination. One or more parameters can be omitted and appropriate defaults will be used. Please note that images may not be available for a given rover/camera/date combination.